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06.2017 - still Rockwell Automation (Poland)
Position held: Engineering Test Manager
Activities performed: Opening of a new Low Voltage Drive R&D laboratory in Poland;
Laboratory certification in accordance with IEC17025;
Creating and leading a team of Test Engineers and technicians;
Supervision over the frequency inverters development.
11.2016 - 07.2017 Schneider Electric (Poland)
Position held: Production Coordinator
Activities performed: Ensuring a continuity of transformer's production;
Managing a team of 72 people;
11.2013 - 06.2016 Newag Gliwice (Poland)
Position held: Quality Manager
Activities performed:
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Ensure that the organization’s Quality Management System conforms to customer, internal, ISO 9001 and IRIS, and regulatory/legal requirements;
Preparation of Inspection and Testing Plan ITP;
Lead a team of Quality engineers, inspectors, auditors, analysts, and technicians;
Analysing data on failures and breakdowns of products manufactured or repaired;
Oversee inspection (examination) of incoming materials, ensuring that they meet requirements;
Supervision of the process of registration the pressure vessels in traction vehicles;
Responsible for accuracy and timely inspection/calibration of monitoring and measuring devices;
Supervision singled processes enterprise management system and safety management system in rail transport;
Representation on behalf of the board to the Polish Office of Rail Transport;
Administration of copyright Reporting System incompatibilities;
Report to CEO and Top management the performance of the QMS (results of quality audits, corrective and preventive actions), including improvement;
Work with customers, employees, contractors, and outsourcing firms to develop product requirements.
11.2011 - 06.2016 Newag Gliwice (Poland)
Position held: Testing and Commissioning Manager
Activities performed: Supervision of static and dynamic tests (in cooperation with Knorr Bremse, Bombardier Transportation, ABB, HaslerRail, Thermo King, OE Industry, Medcom S.A. ...).
Supervision of certification tests.
Supervising the transfer of rail vehicle (locomotive or train) to the customer.
Creation and administration the database of Protocols for Reporting Irregularities.
Preparation, validation and administration the Electrical Tests Procedures and Commissioning Plan for locomotives and trains.
03.2011 - 11.2011 ZNLE (Locomotives manufacturer) in Gliwice (Poland)
Position held: Section Manager
Activities performed: Managing Testing Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics team (33 people).
Preparation and validation of testing procedures for electric locomotives and trains.
Supervision over static and dynamic tests execution.
04.2010 - 03.2011 ALSTOM TRANSPORT in La Rochelle (France)
Position held: Test engineer
Activities performed: Static and dynamic tests in Citadis trams (for Rotterdam, Dublin, Reims, Toulouse, Orleans, Angers, Paris). Reporting irregularities.
03.2009 - 03.2011 ALSTOM TRANSPORT in Chorzow (Poland)
Position held: Test engineer
Activities performed: Setting in motion, controlling of correctness of work, localization and removing faults, as well as carrying out static and dynamic tests in subway trains for Metro Budapest’s project and for trams Istanbul’s project.
02. -03. 2009 SCAFTECH (daughter company of Danish’s SGB-BERA)
Activities performed: Monthly help in planning, preparing and tracking of manufacturing process of scaffold in Concorde XAL, participation in introducing a Lean Manufacturing.
10.2005 - still Cooperation with LEMUR in Gliwice (Poland)
Position held: Private Tutor
Activities performed: Private tutorials in chemistry, physics and mathematics for all age groups.
06.2006 - 10.2006 Cooperation with UTECH-SYSTEM for AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING POLAND in Sosnowiec (Poland)
Activities performed: Holiday work in maintenance; finding the cause of machine breakdown (always an injection press ) and replacing broken electrical devices (relays, contactors, thermocouples, electric heaters, magnetic sensors, etc.); programming of temperature controllers (Gefran 401 and 1000, ERO ELECTRONIC LDS); programming in STEP7 for a SIEMENS S7-200. Participation in assembly of a control cabinet for an injection press.
04.2002 Electrical substation – School internship
Activities performed: Protective service of electric power transmission
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